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A Collection of Silver Chalices F224

A chalice is a drinking vessel and the main area of use is for communion wine. However, chalices can also refer to other goblets on foot, including brandy cups or sometimes even beer goblets. The shape is often divided into cuppa, node and foot, where the foot is occasionally divided into six passes. The chalice is often decorated with engravings or rich ornamentation. It may be hammered, stamped and furnished with precious stones, enamel decorations and symbolic figures and illustrations. They are usually made of precious metal, in silver or gold, but occasionally in tin or brass. Nowadays there are also modern chalices made of ceramics, especially for use in everyday mass. Silver chalices often have a gilded inner layer to protect the silver from the acidic wine.
In this themed auction, you will find an exclusive collection of silver chalices from the 17th century until the beginning of the 20th century.
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