Ceramics – hotter than ever!

Keramik 1010

Stone goods, faience, pottery and clayware – ceramics has never been more up to date! We are decorating our homes more than ever with modern ceramics designed by the major Scandinavian designers whose objects are characterized by deep Nordic and balmy tones, beautiful details, glazed finishes and slim shapes. Swedish designers of the modern ceramics were highly productive during the 1930s and they were skillful when it comes to design items than stay modern and up to date – even today. Except from the fact that ceramics are a sight for sore eye, many of the objects are functional and can be used as vases, urns, bowls, plates and salvers. Buying ceramics at Bukowskis also includes being unique with your items – along with owning ceramics made by sustainable and long lasting materials that ages beautifully. A celebration to the sustainable and personal!