We sell your Old Masters and Sculpture

Alexander Roslin ”Anne Vallayer-Coster” (detalj).

Consignments accepted for Important Spring Sale

Bukowskis has during the past couple of years achieved record prices for masterpieces and therefore strengthened its position as the leading auction house in the Nordic countries. We are now looking for Old Masters and sculpture to this spring’s major auction Important Spring Sale. Become a part of our success and contact our specialists already today.

When is the viewing and auction?

Viewing: May 29th – June 3rd at Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm
Auction: June 4th–5th at Arsenalsgatan 2, Stockholm

  • Lisa Gartz
    Lisa Gartz
    Specialist Sculpture and Old Masters
    +46 (0)8 614 08 59

Old Masters

Jakob Björk, Carl Fredrik von Breda, David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl, Carl Johan Fahlcrantz, Pehr Hilleström, Johan Philip Korn, David von Krafft, Per Krafft, Gustaf Lundberg, Elias Martin, Martin Meytens the younger, Martin Meytens the elder, Gustaf Wilhelm Palm, Johan Pasch, Lorentz Pasch, Ulrika Fredrika Pasch, Alexander Roslin, Johan Henrik Scheffel, Johan Tobias Sergel, Johan David Swartz, Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller and more.


Carl Milles, Carl Eldh, Ruth Milles, John Lundqvist, Alice Nordin, Nils Möllerberg, Per Hasselberg, Jussi Mäntynen, Arvid Knöppel, Bruno Liljefors, Anders Zorn and more.