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The specialist's choice – Louise Wrede lists art favourites

Specialists choice Louise Wrede

We have spoken with Louise Wrede, Specialist Contemporary Art, who talks about the selection at this spring's Contemporary Art & Design. She also takes the opportunity to list some of her favourite objects among the substantial amount of international contemporary art, prints and photography at this spring's auction.
What can we look forward to in this spring's Contemporary Art & Design auction?
– This spring, we have many exciting items in the auction. Some remarkable works that I can mention are, among other things, a unique wall-mounted work of art by Olafur Eliasson with 24 crystal spheres. We also have a full-size iron sculpture by Antony Gormley. We also have an early bronze sculpture by Donald Baechler, a painting by Karin Mamma Andersson that was exhibited in connection with the Carnegie Art Award in 2000 and a marble sculpture by [Anders Krisár (/auctions/631/lots/search/Anders%20Krisár). We also have exciting works by slightly younger Swedish and international artists.
Feel free to look through our web catalogue and do not hesitate to stop by for a viewing. You can also email or call me, and we will find a time that suits you. Welcome!

When is the viewing and auction?
Viewing: 15 – 19 April, Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm.
Open: Mon–Fri 11 AM – 6 PM, Sat–Sun, 11 AM –5 PM.
Auction: 20 April, Arsenalsgatan 2, Stockholm.

Read more about the auction and view the catalogue

Karin Mamma Andersson ”Grottekvarn” ("Threadmill")

Karin Mamma Andersson - The same year the painting "Grottekvarn" was painted, it was exhibited at the Carnegie Art Award, 2000. If you stop and look at the work, you will soon see that water flows from the benches out of the painting. The work is an essential work from a crucial period in Karin Mamma Andersson's art. She seeks her way beyond the figurative shapes, where the imaginary cross-border encounter between dream and reality is reflected in an ever-flowing act.

To ”Grottekvarn”

Hans Andersson Beijing-series

Hans Andersson - works with collage in both larger and smaller formats, and he is skilled at it! The work included in the auction is double-sided. It is supposed to hang along the long side of the frame; on one side a well-composed collage with shredded pieces of painted paper and a black and white photograph. On the other side, we see five black and white portraits - are they possibly taken in China?

To 'Beijing Series)'**

Mike Bouchet ”Double Thousand Shine”

Mike Bouchet - The US-born who now lives in Frankfurt, has in his art consistently dealt with social and political issues such as ownership, consumption, capitalism and sex. The auction's large-scale work is called "Double Thousand Shine" and is a hyper-realistic depiction of a hamburger in close-up. In this series, Bouchet examines the problems and consumption of fast food. With his photo-realistic paintings of burgers, he takes the fetishistic foodie photographs to new levels.

Till "Double Thousand Shine”

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