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The specialist's choice – Karin Aringer lists favourites in the upcoming auction

Specialists choice Karin Aringer

We have spoken with Karin Aringer Specialist Photography, Contemporary Art, who talks about the selection at this spring's Contemporary Art & Design. She also takes the opportunity to list some of her favourite objects among the substantial selection in this spring's auction.

What can we look forward to in this spring's Contemporary Art & Design auction?
– This time we have an unusual number of exciting works by well-known international artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Donald Baechler, Richard Prince, Irving Penn and Anthony Gormley. We also have a very nice department of sculptures and three-dimensional objects in varying price ranges. You can find high-quality art from artists like Matts Leiderstam's "No difference at all" with an estimate of SEK 10-12,000 to Gormley's large cast-iron sculpture for SEK 3,500,000 - 4,000,000.
The photography department includes 138 photographs. Among others, we see fine conceptual photography by Maria Friberg and Denise Grünstein and classic documentary images by photographers such as Lennart Olson, Edouard Boubat and Gisèle Freund. Additionally, there are many fun pictures to discover in this spring's auction catalogue if you prefer fashion or rock photography.
Feel free to look through our web catalogue and do not hesitate to stop by for a viewing. You can also email or call me, and we will find a time that suits you. Welcome!

When is the viewing and auction?
Viewing: 15 – 19 April, Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm.
Open: Mon–Fri 11 AM – 6 PM, Sat–Sun, 11 AM –5 PM.
Auction: 20 April, Arsenalsgatan 2, Stockholm.

Read more about the auction and view the catalogue

Richard Prince 'Untitled' (from Cowboys & Girlfriends), 1992

In his projects Cowboys and Girlfriends, Prince has worked with appropriation, where the artist works with new variations on existing images or works of art. The pictures are originally amateur photographs of motorcyclists' girlfriends published in motorcycle magazines such as Easy-riders and Iron Horse. Prince himself has selected the images, photographed them and in some cases cropped them. In the magazines, the pictures are just one of many amateur photos, usually poorly lit and blurry, but when Prince moves the motif to an artistic context, the anonymous portraits suddenly get on a whole new meaning as independent works of art.
The other day something amusing happened in our viewing; I met the woman portraited in Prince's artwork. She is Swedish, and her name is Elisabeth. It is such meetings that put icing on the cake in the job as a specialist at Bukowskis.

Till 'Untitled' (från Cowboys & Girlfriends)

Lotta Hannerz ”Envers”

Everything in Hannerz work has a very personal expression with a foundation in the surrealists and Dadaist tradition. Her titles contribute to another dimension of the experience.
In the three-dimensional work "Envers" from 2010, we see a man washing his face. The construction and perspectives are so cleverly devised in this humorous work. Hannerz given extra attention to the details; she has even added the toothpaste splash to the mirror.

Till Envers

Christer Strömholm "Tonia, Place Blanche, Paris", 1967

Strömholm's documentary images from the project "Friends at Place Blanche" are today legendary. His motifs from the back streets of Paris with images of prostitutes, transsexuals and outcasts were perceived during his time as provocative and frightening for many at the same time as they became highly appreciated and style-forming. The series of five pictures show how Tony is transformed into Tonia. These motifs are unusual and carry a piece of photographic history.

Till Tonia, Place Blanche

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