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Important Spring Sale – Anette Granlund lists favourites in the upcoming auction

Specialists choice Anette Granlund

We have spoken with Anette Granlund, Head Specialist Carpets, Textiles and Islamic Works of Art, who talks about the selection at this spring's Important Spring Sale. She also takes the opportunity to list some of her favourite objects among the substantial selection in this spring's auction.

What can we look forward to in this spring's Important Spring Sale auction?
- We have many high-quality textiles and rugs with great variety, from interesting folk textiles to beautiful linen tablecloths from the first half of the 19th century and an outstanding collection of woven tapestries from the 18th century Aubusson. We also see some exciting embroidery and a good selection of older oriental rugs in wool and silk."

What should you think about if you want to buy carpets?
- If you want to start collecting, it is good to study the subject and maybe start by focusing on carpets from a specific country or area. If you're going to decorate your home with a rug or textile, it is good to measure the space it should lie on or hang on.

What makes carpets so interesting to you?
- There is so much symbolism in the objects. You can learn much about how people lived in the past and what was significant and/or precious.

Embroidered panels England 18th century

These panels are so nicely made and show such a fun collection of objects and animals.

To the embroidered panels

Semi-antique silk smatta Keshan

The wonderful yellow base color makes you happy. In addition, the carpet's decor contains so many different animals that you can look at and discuss, a real "conversation piece".

Bid on the carpet

Six wowen tapestries "Verdures" 18th century

In the collection of woven tapestries from Aubusson, there are six tapestries from the same suite that have been connected since the 18th century! The feeling of stepping into a room with woven tapestries is so welcoming! They provide warmth visually but also physically since they, in fact, protect against drafts, cold and moisture.

To the wowen tapestries

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Anette Granlund
Anette Granlund
Head Specialist Carpets, Textiles and Islamic Works of Art
+46 (0)708 92 19 92
Christopher Stålhandske
Christopher Stålhandske
Specialist Carpets, textiles and Islamic works of art
+46 (0)708 19 12 58
Björn Extergren
Björn Extergren
Head of Consignment & Sales Department, Fine Art Stockholm. Specialist Antique Furniture, Decorative Arts and Asian Ceramics
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Carl Barkman
Head Specialist Fine Art and Antiques
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