Collectors from all over the world fought for treasure

- This is indeed a historical day for Swedish auctions, says Michael Storåkers, CEO at Bukowskis. First a record-breaking sculpture, followed by an auction selling art for a total of SEK 83,8 million – if that is not a sensation, I don’t know what is.

The collection, which included sculptures purchased over several generations by the Throne-Holst family, founders of Marabou, sold for around a sum of SEK 39 million. The family was keenly interested in art, sculpture in particular, and their collecting has shown to be both inventive and forward-looking.

The Ganesh (Hoysala-period, India) from the 11th century sold for SEK 4 532 000, a record-breaking price level for old Indian sculpture. Collectors of such objects the world over, realized that this particular piece was exquisite – and even had an exciting and well-documented provenance.

Meticulous record-keeping of purchases has enabled us to trace the history of every piece of sculpture. You can certainly say that knew what they were doing. Buyers from all over the world bid for the piece throughout the night, says Anna-Karin Pusic, head of the art department at Bukowskis.

The Marabou Collection
Auguste Rodin, "Le Penseur" sold for SEK 15,125,000
Auguste Rodin "L'enfant prodigue"" sold for SEK 6,370,000
Jean (Hans) Arp, "Amphore de Muse" sold for SEK 4,732,000
A stone figure of Ganesha, India, Karnataka, Hoysala period, 11/12th Century, sold for SEK 4,532,000
Henri Laurens, "La Banderole" sold for SEK 3,378,000
Eric Grate, "Silvatica" sold for SEK 2,160,000
Giacomo Manzù, "Busto di Emy" sold for SEK 1,703,000
Lynn Chadwick, "Pair of sitting figures" sold for SEK 1,264,000
Aristide Maillol, "Jeune fille agenouillée" sold for SEK 1,013,000
Francois Pompon, "Hibou" sold for SEK 612,500
Gió Pomodoro, "Guscio II" sold for SEK 40,800
(The final price includes commission and droit de suite) 

Other works sold for more than SEK 1 million.

To submit items for consignment for future auctions, contact
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Head of Art department
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Senior specialist 19th and 20th century paintings and sculpture
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Specialist 19th and 20th century paintings and sculpture
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