“It all began when I, Alexander Lervik, wrote a letter to Eva Dahlgren setting out an idea for a collaborative project. The result was a unique glass art project, where light and music interact, creating a unique experience for the observer.”

The foundation for the project is a specially composed piece of music by Eva Dahlgren on the theme of light. The music has inspired the design of the glass artworks and rugs, which we then created.

The viewer encounters a special universe where the glass objects are brought to life by light and music. The objects have been created free-hand in collaboration with skilled glass-blowers at Målerås Glassworks in Småland – one of only a few working glassworks left in Sweden. The glass is displayed alongside specially designed hand-tufted rugs produced with help from Swedish manufacturer Ogeborg. The rugs and their designs enhance the feel of the various glass objects and refine the acoustic experience. Sound and light specialists from sound design company Lexter and lighting company Stockholm Lighting were involved in the project in order to maximise the experience.

Viewing: 17 – 31 August at Berzelii Park 1 in Stockholm.
Monday - Friday 9AM – 5PM. Saturday 11AM – 3PM.