16. ANNA CAMNER, "Endless Hawls of Rage", Sweden 2008.

Oil on plexi glass, 41 x 71 cm, framed

Alkuperä - Provenienssi

Swedish private collection

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Anna Camner, born in 1977, graduated from the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm in 2003. Camner soon became noted for her unusually detailed and masterfully executed oil paintings on plexi glass board, depicting dark Vanitas narratives from nature. These two paintings are fine examples of the two early bodies of work produced in 2006 and in 2008. During those periods, Camner’s paintings burst with foliage, flowers, insects, spider webs, snails and rodents, all in various stages of decay. 

Today, whereas the new paintings have become almost minimalistic and refined, Camner still moves in the same conceptual territory, aiming to capture the evasive state of being just in-between life and death.

Anna Camner has exhibited in galleries in New York, London and Stockholm, and was recently the recipient of the Beckers Art Award in 2017. Camner’s works are included in several major public collections in Sweden such as Wanås Art, Magasin 3 and The National Art Council, as well as the UBS Art Collection and prominent private collections in Sweden and the US. 


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