19. FRANCINE SPIEGEL, "Twins", USA 2010.

Acrylic on canvas, 180,5 x 124,5 cm


A Swedish private collection

Kontakta ansvarig specialist


Francine Spiegel, born in 1975, is an American painter and performance artist. She is known for her hyperrealistic portraits of monstrous female characters, seemingly taken out of a classical horror B-movie. Covered head to toe in a sticky running mess of body fluids, food, paint and other unidentifiable substances, Spiegel’s monster females make a startling first impression. However, they are not meant to be a menace in a misogynistic, De Kooning-like sense. Rather, they are women on their way to personal freedom. Herself a woman, Spiegel throws her females (sometimes literally so, in live performances that precede the paintings) into a relentless yet liberating visual conundrum, which takes them beyond the borders of proper conduct, freeing them from the compulsion to uphold archetypal standards of mother, wife and lady. Spiegel’s monster females emerge from the mess as real women, who have taken back their individual and multi-facetted psychological complexity. 

Francine Spiegel’s work has been exhibited in solo and group shows at Deitch Projects, Loyal Gallery in Stockholm, OH WOW in Miami, Garage Center for the Arts in Moscow, MOCA in Rome, amongst many others. Spiegel lives in Saugerties, NY together with the celebrated digital artist Takeshi Murata. 


September 21–30 at Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm

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