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Olle Emanuelsson Collection

Bukowskis presents Olle Emanuelsson Collection including art and design from the early 1900s until today. The substantial collection has taken form with great knowledge and passion for art during a long period of time and includes Swedish and international art by artists such as Olle Bærtling, Jean Tinguely, Henri Laurens, Lynn Chadwick, Bjarne Melgaard to name a few.

Over the years, Olle Emanuelsson has built up a collection including more than 200 works. In contrast to many collections based on the principle "less is more", Emanuelsson has created an extensive collection with diverse art. There is little doubt that he had a broad ambition to reflect 20th-century art history. But despite this dimension, Olle Emanuelsson's collection is something other than a museum collection. In his careful search, there is an intimacy that feels more private than public. There is no doubt that he has built a collection that is unlike any other.

Olle Emanuelsson also had the ability to install his collection in a unique way that goes against the hierarchical order that is usually applied in museum contexts. Instead, his collection seems to appear as a game board or a chessboard where the works of art can be moved, not according to a system of rules, but rather perchance, whereby new combinations and knowledge connections can arise.

Henri Laurens, ”Torse”. Signed HL with monogram underneath. Executed in 1925. Terracotta. Height 40 cm. Estimate 350 000 - 400 000 SEK.

Olle Baertling, ”NULY”. Signed Baertling and dated 1955 verso. Canvas 130 x 81.5 cm. Estimate 600 000 - 800 000 SEK.

The modern era that began in the early 20th century is rare in Emanuelsson's collection. Here are just a few examples of the first generation of Cubism with Picasso, Braque and Henri Laurens. Some of the foremost representatives of surrealism are also represented. This applies to the Danish artist and Léger student Franciska Clausen, represented with a work from 1926 created during her time in Paris. From the surrealist movement, there are also works by Esaias Thorén from the Halmstadgruppen and Endre Nemes, who represents the international surrealism that came to develop in Gothenburg during Nemes' professorship at the Valand art school. In this part of the collection, there is also a unique work by Wifredo Lam, who belonged in the inner surrealist circle around André Breton in Paris. Surrealism never received any real importance in Emanuelsson's collection. He seems to have preferred Christian Berg's cubism and Eric Grates' classicism, which is well represented.

It's with the art development of the post-war period that Emanuelsson's collection emerges. Numerous men from 1947 are represented by Lennart Rodhe and Pierre Olofsson and other generational comrades such as Lage Lindell, Arne Jones, and Olle Nyman. However, the highlight of his entire collection is a painting by Olle Baertling that collects the physically concrete and the spiritual in a congenial form that is unique. Baertling's work still appears to be extremely radical, even when compared with, for example, Robert Jacobsen, who was a leading figure in concrete art who had his headquarters with the gallery owner Denise Ren in Paris and who is also represented in this collection.

Franciska Clausen, ”Untitled”. Signed F. Clausen and dated Paris 1926. Watercolor 29 x 22 cm. Estimate 100 000 - 125 000 SEK.

Lynn Chadwick, ”Sitting couple”. Signed and dated -73, no 681, numbered 8/8. Dark patinated bronze. Height 21 cm, width 25 cm, depth ca 25 cm. Estimate 300 000 - 400 000 SEK.

Until the eighties, Emanuelsson's collection centred on Swedish art. During the end of this decade and the early nineties, Swedish galleries showed more and more international artists. It was a renewed interest in art that went by the name of New Expressionism. In France, the term Suppor /Surface was used, translated as working where you paste something on the canvas like a collage. Louis Cane was considered the most significant painter in the French context, which is also evident from Emanuelsson's rich collection. Jean Charles Blair is the second French artist in his collection. These are two rare artists at Swedish auctions. The American counterparts to Cane and Blair are Donald Baechler and Jonathan Lasker. They complement the French emphasis in the collection with a healthier childhood in Baechler's case and the use of colour that has freed itself from the colourfulness of history in Lasker.

Jean Tinguely, ”Maschinenbild Haus Lange”. Conceived in 1960, edition 12/16. Relief, multiple. 65 x 65 cm. Estimate 250 000 - 300 000 SEK.

The nineties are a decade that meant a backlash for the linguistics of art. With many of the artists of the era, one can discern a return to the craft that characterises Claes Hake's primitive stone sculptures, but also Pål Svensson's sculptures that are made in a more sophisticated stonemason tradition but still based on craftsmanship. This interest in the craft can also be seen in Emanuelsson's fascination with glass. In his collection, some objects belong in the glass craft tradition and above all in the art glass with its roots in Venice, such as Fulvio Bianconi's 1960s glass from Venini at Murano. Also a later work by Eva Englund, Ulla Forsell, Ulrika Hydman– Vallien and Bertil Vallien. Perhaps this collection with several female designers was an attempt to balance the collection that was male artists dominated.

Eva Englund, a "Graal" glass vase, Orrefors. Decorated with faces in several colors. Diameter 27-28 cm, height 25 cm. Estimate 15 000 - 20 000 SEK.

Jean Charles Blais, Untitled. Signed Blais and dated 12.3.85. Mixed media on paper 65 x 185 cm. Estimate 80 000 – 100 000 SEK.

History is not so difficult to code, but the closer you get to the present, the harder it becomes to see the diversity that increasingly characterises art life. Olle Emanuelsson has had a unique ability to tell history in his older collection, but it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the collection together as we approach the present. After all, he manages to maintain his interest in contemporary art with an impressive variety. There are contradictory attitudes such as Peter Fries's disciplined painting and Bjarne Melgaard's wildly painterly anarchism and younger artists such as Oscar Hult and Carl Boutard. It is a unique journey in the world of art that Olle Emanuelsson has been on.

Bjarne Melgaard, "Untitled”. Signed Bjarne Melgaard and dated 2014 on verso. Canvas 120 x 102 cm. Estimate 100 000 - 150 000 SEK.

When is the viewing and auction?
Viewing 1 October – 5 October, Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm.
Auction 6 October, start 3 pm, Arsenalsgatan 2, Stockholm.
Catalogue online 22 September.

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