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New season – New highlights: Anders Zorn

Anders Zorn – A Master of Light

"Omorgnad – interior with nude, Örjas Ida"

Bukowskis presents Anders Zorn at Important Spring Sale. Viewing June 2 – 7, auction June 8 –10.

“In 1903, Zorn acquired a loft from the 16th century and placed it next to his old studio at Zorngården.

He got a completely new fund of lighting options with the loft, which captivated him for many years. The only light sources were a small four-pass slit in the outer wall and the secondary light from the corridor. There was no fireplace or skylights.

Zorn painted many of his works in the old loft,** among them 'Omorgnad - interiör med naken kulla, Örjas Ida'. With the concentrated light rays from the four-pass window, Zorn brings out the flickering light in the painting.”

The quote above is from Anders Zorn’s biographer Gerda Boëthius, and it shows several aspects of Anders Zorn: he protected and cared for the historical heritage and the old buildings in Dalarna, which can be seen especially at Gammelgården.

”In Gammelgården, Zorn got a completely new fund of lighting options, which captivated him for many years.”

Gerda Boëthius

The painting has been exhibited at three important exhibitions at Liljevalchs Konsthall in Stockholm, the Artists’ Association exhibition in 1916, the Expressionist Exhibition in 1918 and a retrospective exhibition of paintings from 1904 – 1944 in 1944, two years before the artist’s tragic death in a plane crash in 1946.
This work has never previously been sold at auction.

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