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Okänd konstnär 1800/1900-tal

12 000 - 15 000 SEK
1 100 - 1 370 EUR
1 170 - 1 460 USD
50 000 SEK
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Lisa Gartz
Lisa Gartz
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Okänd konstnär 1800/1900-tal

"Apollo di Belvedere"

Copy after Antique. Marble. Height 50.5 cm.

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This sculpture is a copy of the famous statue "Apollo di Belvedere" which is a Roman marble sculpture from the approximately 100 AD that has been placed in the Vatican Palace since the 16th Century. It is in turn a copy of a lost Greek original from around the 300 BC.

There are monumental copies, for example in Uppsala University's main building and in Drottningholm's park in front of the theater.