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Manuscripts from the collection of Per Edward Gustafsson F386

Bukowskis has the pleasure of offering a selection of manuscripts and autographs from the collection of Per Edward Gustafsson (1893-1966), including his most prized item, a signed letter from Danish king Kristian II to Henry VIII of England. In 1525, Kristian was in exile in Belgium together with his wife Elizabeth, who has also signed the letter. He hoped for Henry’s assistance in regaining the Danish throne, and the letter is the letter of introduction which his messenger Nicolaus Tyrry brought to the English king. The manuscript is the first that Gustafsson mentions in an essay on his collection in Bokvännen 1965, and it is also mentioned in all other newspaper articles and notices about Gustafsson as a manuscript collector.

Gustafsson spent many years from the 1920s onwards building a large and important collection of manuscripts and autographs. He also gifted many sheets to various institutions and archives, including Uppsala University Library, to which Gustafsson bequeathed several thousand

autographs and manuscripts.

Other manuscripts have remained with his family until now. The auction's manuscripts range from the 13th century (papal bull) to 1930 (Harry Martinson). Several kings and queens are represented among the 24 items, including Johan III, Sigismund and Queen Kristina. There are 7 letters and autographs by August Strindberg, including the manuscript for a chapter in his last book.