42. VAS, keramik. Songdynastin (960-1279).

Olivgul glasyr. Balusterform med fiskformade hänklar. Höjd 16,5 cm.

Lagning, krackelyr.


Orvar Karlbeck (1879-1967), a handwritten card describing the object, and dated Stockholm 13 Dec 1947 enclosed (the vase discovered by Karlbeck in Southern part of Zhejiang).
From the Collection of a Swedish Connoisseur, Stockholm. Acquired from Kina Magasinet, Stockholm.

4 000 - 6 000 SEK/438 - 656 EUR
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18 000 SEK

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Gammal Kinesisk Konst/Kiinan Vanhaa Taidetta, Helsingfors/Helsinki 1956, No 134.


Bo Gyllensvärd, Gammal Kinesisk Konst/Kiinan Vanhaa Taidetta, Helsingors/Helsinki 1956, No 134.


The collection is a study collection, accumulated during a lifetime. The collector operated within the field of oriental works of art. Due to his knowledge and sense of quality he was of great help to many of the members on Kinaklubben (The China Club) with members such as the Swedish Crown Prince Gustav Adolf, Emil Hultmark and Carl Kempe. The collection is mainly acquired in Sweden and London.