128. PATEK PHILIPPE, Genève, Nautilus, "Jumbo", armbandsur, 42 mm, "Type 1 dial",

stål, automatisk, safirglas, datum, integrerad originallänk, viklås, ca 1977.

Caliber 28-255 C, Verknr 1.303.775, Referensnr 3700/1, Boettnr 532.846

Urverk (8/10)
Urtavla och visare (8/10)
Boett (8/10)
Originallänk (6/10), senare länk
Lås (viklås)
Certifikat (Nej)
Box (Nej)
Totalintryck (7/10)

Då ingen servicehistorik föreligger rekommenderar vi köparen att låta göra en översyn

250 000 SEK / 25 355 EUR
Klubbat pris
320 000 SEK
Det är för sent att lämna inropsuppdrag.

Inropsuppdrag kan lämnas fram till 10 nummer innan detta föremål klubbas.


A Study of the Patek Philippe Ref. 3700 Nautilus, By Mr "mstanga" Italy. "Mstanga" is one of the world’s leading specialist on the Patek Philippe Nautilus Reference 3700.


The designer of the Nautilus, Gerald Genta have told that he designed the watch that was later named Nautilus during the Basel Trade Fair:
-"I was at the restaurant of a hotel and some people from Patek were sitting in one corner of the dining hall, while I was sitting alone in the other corner. I told the head-waiter: “Bring me a piece of paper and a pencil, I want to design something” and I designed the Nautilus while observing the people from Patek eating! It was a sketch that I completed in 5 minutes".
The inspiring idea was the shape of a porthole, like those that could be found on transatlantic liners. The patented case was formed by a solid backcase/middlecase monobloc and the distinctive octagonal bezel secured to it by four lateral screws to ensure water-resistance. Each of the eight sides of the bezel were subtly curved to trace a perfect arc of a circle, a subtle detail making a big difference from a design point of view.