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Ulysse Nardin, Sonata, Cathedral Dual Time, ca 2018.

110 000 - 130 000 SEK
9 680 - 11 400 EUR
10 200 - 12 100 USD
Klubbat pris
140 000 SEK
För konditionsrapport kontakta specialist
Simon Naeslund
Simon Naeslund
Specialist Klockor
+46 (0)735 95 68 75
Ulysse Nardin, Sonata, Cathedral Dual Time, ca 2018.

Storlek: 42 mm
Material: 18K roséguld
Urverk: automatisk (rotor i 22K vitguld), caliber UN-67
År: cirka 2018
Glas: safirglas
Armband: läderband, viklås i 18K roséguld
Referensnummer: 676-88
Serienummer: 219
Verknummer: UN'067-'003'787
Tillbehör: certifikat, box, ytterkartong

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Övrig information

Ulysse Nardin takes immense pride in introducing the Sonata, an extraordinary and multifunctional mechanical marvel. Born from the visionary inspiration of Dr. Ludwig Oechslin, meticulously crafted by Pierre Gygax and Lucas Humair, and brought to life by the skilled hands of the UN Dream Team under the guidance of Rolf Schnyder.

This in-house masterpiece is the result of nearly seven years of dedicated effort by Ulysse Nardin's engineers and technicians, culminating in the development of a patented self-winding caliber. The Sonata seamlessly integrates a groundbreaking alarm setting with a countdown indicator, alongside the innovative Dual time system featuring the instant time zone adjustor conceptualized by Dr. Oechslin, a hallmark seen in various Ulysse Nardin timepieces.

The patented Dual time function sets itself apart by enabling effortless forward and backward time zone adjustments with a simple press of the pushers marked with plus (+) or minus (-), allowing for the easy repositioning of the hour hand. Notably, the original home time (reference time) remains prominently displayed, while the date, alarm, and countdown intricately adjust themselves automatically during any time zone alteration.

The melodious chime of the alarm is orchestrated by a pioneering 24-hour mechanism, permitting the setting of the alarm up to 23 hours in advance, accommodating scenarios such as 7.35 pm on the same day or 7.35 am the following day.