The specialist's choice – Marcus Kinge lists favourites in the upcoming auction

Contemporary Art & Design - focus on prints

We have spoken to Marcus Kinge Specialist Contemporary Art. Read about his pthoughts about the content in this season's Contemporary Art & Design before the auction 10 November. Also, explore some of Marcus' personal favourites.

If you want to collect contemporary art, what advice would give?
The print department is always an excellent opportunity to take part in works from the leading artists of our time that may not otherwise be shown in Sweden. This autumn we are able to show no less than three works by Banksy, the great star artist of our time. Contemporary artists often work creatively with the printing technology, as a given part of their other art. It is also fun that we have a spread in the price range, from 8,000 - 800,000 sec.

What makes contemporary art interesting to you?
If you are new as an art collector, I always recommend booking an appointment with one of our specialists. A private tour with us provides a good foundation. It is also an old truth, a highly relevant one, to always buy with the "heart". It is important to follow your gut feeling when choosing among themes and techniques. Always go for the works you are drawn to. The most initiated collectors have often followed a common thread, where one's passion can shift and develop. The main art collections reflect the collectors' personality. At the same time, it is important to maintain quality. It is also important to remember that you do not have to see the collection as a static unit, but an organic living process, where works can both be replaced and supplemented.

Banksy, "Girl with balloon"

We are happy to be able to present three characteristic works of one of our times most talked about and sought after artists, Banksy. Having begun his career as an anonymous street artist in Bristol in the 1990s, he has built an iconic role through his unconventional relationship with the rest of the art scene and the market today. Not least by keeping his identity secret until today. The most well-known motif is Girl with Balloon, which first appeared on the walls of London in 2002. In this auction, we present a copy of, the now highly coveted numbered edition from 2004. It was purchased in 2005 at the now legendary exhibition at the General Gallery in Stockholm. Today the the value has risen with the enormous fascination that exists all over the world for his art.

To ”Girl with balloon”

Barbara Kruger "You're Right (And You Know it and So Should Everyone Else)"

The significant aspect of prints and multiples is that you can acquire fantastic art by international artists for a price that does not damage your wallet as much as their unique works. It is a work of art in the process and the editions are always well limited. One of my favourites at the auction is Barara Kruger's "You're Right (And You Know It and So Should Everyone Else)". Her conceptual motifs are characterized by selected pieces of text placed on top of images. She has worked continuously to challenge cultural constructions in society and in our identities.
This is in one edition and has an estimate of SEK 25,000 - 30,000.

To "You're Right (And You Know it and So Should Everyone Else)"

Carl Johan De Geer "Skända Flaggan", "Vägra vapen" och "USA-Mördare", including documents from trial.

In this piece of art you get a piece of Swedish cultural history. April 29, 1967 the so-called "Kalabaliken på Karlsson" took place on Carl Johan de Geer and his then wife Marie-Louise vernissage for their exhibition at Galleri Karlsson. The motifs on the three posters in the auction caused such a shocking uproar that they led to reports of "insulting the national symbol, insulting the foreign national symbol and incitement." The police confiscated the posters and therefore only a few originals remain. Documents related to the trial are also included here. Useful to remember how the artist continually challenges the boundaries.

To ”Carl Johan De Geers verk”

Christo & Jeanne-Claude, "Ericsson Display Monitor Unit 3111, Wrapped Project for Personal Computer"*

Christo passed away earlier this year, leaving a long and beloved artistry behind. His project where he wrapped everything from smaller objects, vehicles, buildings like whole islands. In 1985, he made this colour lithograph and collage where it is a computer with a keyboard that has been entered. A time document where the most modern technology of the time has been captured in wrapping paper.

Till "Ericsson Display Monitor Unit 3111, Wrapped Project for Personal Computer”

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