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Sell at Bukowskis

Do you wish to valuate art or objects prior to selling? Follow the steps below, and our specialists will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. We want to make you aware that we do not provide auction valuations for items of a type or value that are not typically sold at Bukowskis auctions.

Our expertise, quality and the highest average prices on the market make Bukowskis the leading auction house for Fine Art and Design in the Nordic region. We are now accepting consignments; contact us today to sell quality art and design.

Step 1 – Choose a valuation option

Discover how much your art or quality object are worth before selling through the valuation option that suits your preferences.

Online valuation

Describe your quality item and upload pictures through our online form. A specialist will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. Online valuation >

Valuation through home valuation

Valuation in your home and valuation of your entire home. Contact our home valuation specialists and book an appointment for a home valuation and consignment in Sweden and abroad. We offer valuation of individual quality items but also valuation of an entire home before sale, or for estate valuation, inheritance, or insurance purposes. To home valuation >

Valuation at one of our offices

Items can be valued and handed in at one of our offices. Bukowskis has offices and local representatives in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, and Helsinki. If you have larger items or furniture, we recommend that you make a valuation via e-mail or through our online valuation tool before you visit us for the best service.

For a faster and more convenient process, we recommend that you create an account before you visit our office.

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Describe your quality item and attach pictures via email. The specialist will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.. To the contact information of the category specialists >

Step 2 – Get a sales proposal

Bukowskis has several sales channels for quality items valued by specialists. Our specialists will select the best way to sell your work – either at our quality auctions online or at our live auctions which take place every spring and autumn.

Quality auctions online

The auction begins as soon as the item is published. The item will now be available online and searchable for customers around the world on the internet. You can follow the progress of the auction at

Live auctions

Our Live auctions have been attracting enthusiastic audiences for centuries. The auctions are preceded by viewings in our beautiful premises at Berzelii Park in Stockholm, with associated advance viewings. The item will be put up for auction at a special event in our Stockholm sale rooms. The auctioneer and their assistants keep track of the bids made in the room, over the phone and online. Our auctions are streamed live and can be watched at

Private sales

Bukowskis also offers a Private sales service. This is a discreet, flexible and personal way of finding buyers and sellers outside our public auctions. Read more about Private Sales

Step 3 – Sign a contract

Once you have decided to sell, a contract is written including the complete catalogue entry, photography, estimate and reserve price.

The estimated price is the market valuation of an item before auction and serves as guidance for the buyer. The reserve price is a hidden lowest minimum price that the seller will accept.

⟶ See our price list, how much does selling an item cost?
⟶ See our sales terms – Quality auctions online
⟶ See our sales terms – Live auctions

When the auction is over

Once the auction is over, we process the payment from the buyer and then transfer the money to the seller's bank account. The procedure takes 30 days after completion of a live auction and up to 35 days after the completion of a sale on our online quality auctions.

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