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New season – New Highlights: Uhra-Beata Simberg-Ehrström 'Four colours'

Uhra-Beata Simberg-Ehrström

– Master of colour

Uhra-Beata Simberg-Ehrström (1914–1979), also called a master of colour, is considered one of Finland's most respected rya artists. She believed that the creation of textile art could be divided into two starting points, based on which the design process began from materials and technique, or alternatively from patterns and colours. Simberg-Ehrström's channel of expression was definitely the latter. Rya rugs were born in her imagination as colour combinations, for which she then chose the right form of expression.

Simberg-Ehrström was one of the internationally acclaimed Finnish artists who received praise at the triennials in Milan at the turn of the decade between the 1950s and 60s, and in 1957 she won the exhibition's foremost prize, the Grand Prix. In 1967 she received the Pro Finlandia medal.

› The selection for the autumn Design Sale Helsinki auction includes two rya rugs designed by Uhra-Beata Simberg-Ehrström. One of these is a rya rug called 'Four Colours' from 1972. In this rya rug, Simberg-Ehrström's artistic ideals come to life and feature the artist's handwritten signature.

‘Four colours’ features a harsh geometric composition that has been typical of the artist since the '60s and became increasingly simplified over time. The four colours of the rug each form their own triangles that meet each other in the middle of the rug. The colours are characteristic for Simberg-Ehrström's almost unchanged colour scheme, dark and earthy. As per the artist’s sentiment, the patterns on the rya rugs serve the colours, providing a framework in which they can reach their full potential.

For sale at the Design Sale Helsinki October 8–24. Estimate 4 000 – 6 000 EUR.

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