VAJRAPANI, förgylld och bemålad kopparlegering. Nepal/Tibet, troligen tidigt 1900-tal.

Stående på tron med partner i yabyum. Höjd 15,5 cm.

Senare bemålning och förgyllning.

Följerätt: Nej

12 000 - 15 000 SEK

1 367 - 1 708 EUR

Klubbat pris: 
17 000 SEK

Nepal/Tibet, troligen tidigt 1900-tal. /

Nepal/Tibet, presumably early 20th Century.


The Oldertz Collection. Carl Oldertz (1924-2006), was a M.D.h.c. and a Director of a Swedish Insurance Company, Stockholm.

Carl was a passionate collector, who built his collection over the decades. In the 1970’s he started to focus his interest in objects from Asia, mainly Chinese Antiques and Works of Art. He was very much an academic collector who strived to acquire pieces from different epoques and constantly sought after more knowledge about the pieces, the techniques and their history. His broad interest in Chinese culture and history together with his curiosity led him to visit many private collections and museums around the world.


Inköpt på Philips i London dec 92, auktion 29145, nr 86.

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