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Moa Israelsson Forsberg

(Sverige, Född 1982)
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Louise Wrede
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Moa Israelsson Forsberg
(Sverige, Född 1982)

"Nameless Lake"

Utförd 2012. Blandteknik ca 60 cm hög.


Angelika Knäpper Gallery, Stockholm.
Tom Böttiger Collection, Stockholm.


Angelika Knäpper Gallery, Stockholm, "areawilderness", 21 februari - 17 mars 2013.

Övrig information

Text från Svenska Fotografers Förbund:
"Moa Israelsson Forsberg, born 1982 received her MFA from the Royal College of Art in Stockholm in 2010. This is her first solo exhibition with Angelika Knäpper Gallery. The exhibition areawilderness deal with swamps, the bottom of the sea and other, for humans’ inaccessible places. The piece Nameless Lakes allow the spectator the position of an alligator, right below the water surface, surrounded by muddy liquid, roots and reeds. The films Ship Accidents, Boat Crashes and Wrecks show never-ending tracking shots of wrecks on the bottom of the sea and cargo ships being wrecked at sea, the aesthetic draws from similar slideshows found on the Internet. The slideshow picturing models of wrecks and cargo ships aim at engaging on the same terms as the original. You could say that they partly perform in a fictions world, but with a leeway for a slight shift in existence. The piece Oak Glen RV Park also emerged from this half fictions work method. The attached website and the brochure allow for optimism towards a future to come, as well as for the present and a distant past. The sculptures bear witness of changes and transformations that happens over time. The exhibition areawilderness might be described as putting on display some sort of dystopian hopefulness. Moa Israelsson Forsberg, February 2013 www.moaisraelsson.se www.areawilderness.com"