”Iván in the armchair” sold for 10.761.428 SEK

Bukowskis specialist in modern art Lena Rydén about the masterpiece "Iván in the armchair" by Sigrid Hjertén.

New World Record for Sigrid Hjertén

Bukowskis great sensation for this autumn’s Modern Art + Design auction was the masterpiece” Iván i fåtöljen”, which after an xx bidding with both Swedish and international bidders, sold to a bidder in the auction room for an incredible final price of 10.761.428 SEK.

- It is very gratifying to present a new world record for Sigrid Hjertén and Bukowskis. We have a well-established team of specialists, all of whom have done a fantastic job for this auction and specifically for this sale, says Björn Extergren, Head of consignment & sales, Bukowskis.

The painting, ”Iván in the armchair” is one of Sigrid Hjerténs most important masterpiece, a fantastic artwork that has never been out for sale. The painting represents one of Hjertén’s most iconic motifs, a work recently seen in the critically acclaimed exhibition” Sigrid Hjertén – a masterpiece of colour” at Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde. The exhibition was a huge success and Sigrid Hjertén is now regarded as one of the Swedish modernist avant-garde’s front figures, more relevant than ever.

– Sigrid Hjertén introduced a whole new way of painting when she came back from Paris, it was colourful and expressionist, pioneering for her time. She was a dedicated and intellectual artist who remained true to her artistic expression despite the challenges she had as a woman, mother and wife to the greatest star of all, Isaac Grünewald, says Andreas Rydén, Head Specialist Art, Bukowskis.

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