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Cartier, Santos-Dumont, "Extra Plate", "Paris", "96054", ca 1997.

90 000 - 100 000 SEK
8 180 - 9 090 EUR
8 560 - 9 520 USD
90 000 SEK
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Simon Naeslund
Simon Naeslund
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Cartier, Santos-Dumont, "Extra Plate", "Paris", "96054", ca 1997.

Case size: 27 x 27 (36) mm
Material: 18K gold
Movement: manual, caliber Frédéric Piguet 21
Year: circa 1997
Crystal: sapphire crystal
Bracelet: leather strap, original plated buckle
Reference number: 81724153
Serial number: 960'540'090
Movement number: 6'385
Accompanied by: certificate, box

Wear due to age and use. "Spider Dial".

The movement is running at the time of cataloguing, Bukowskis does not guarantee the future function of the movement. Please note that the movement has not been tested for timekeeping accuracy and may need a service at the buyer's expense. Watches have been opened to examine movements therefore no warranties are made that the watches are water-resistant. Potential buyers should inspect each watch to satisfy themselves as to condition. For more information, please read our Conditions of Purchase.

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A testament to both functionality and refined aesthetics of contemporary times, the Santos Dumont embodies the epitome of a pilot's watch in its most elegant form. The inclusion of 'Dumont' in its name holds significance, a deliberate nod by Cartier to Louis Cartier's aviator companion who, in 1904, required a wristwatch instead of the traditional pocket watch. Reflecting back to its original design, the Santos Dumont maintains a closer resemblance to its roots, complete with integrated bracelet and a modestly sized case. Noteworthy are the bezel screws, paying homage to the construction style of the iconic Eiffel Tower. The dimensions of the timepiece evoke nostalgia, boasting a compact 27 x 27 (36) mm case, with a slim profile of merely 4.5 mm, courtesy of the Frédéric Piguet calibre 21. Marketed as 'Extra Flat', it stands 2 mm thinner than its standard counterpart, a distinction that underscored its appeal. The enduring presence of the calibre 21 in numerous Cartier creations over the years underscores its significance as the thinnest hand-wound movement for 21 years. Remarkably, during the CPCP era, its core remained largely unchanged, albeit with a new appellation bestowed by Cartier. The Santos Dumont "96054", known colloquially as the Extra Plate or Ultra Thin, laid the foundation for the revered ref. 1576, solidifying its status as one of Cartier's most coveted models sought after by collectors.