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214. ALBERT EDELFELT, "Ung kvinna i grått" (Young woman in grey).

Painted in Paris around 1878. Canvas laid down on panel 63 x 52 cm.

600 000 - 800 000 SEK
64 935 - 86 580 EUR
Final price (incl. buyer's premium)
735 000 SEK

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Originally in the collections of curator Torsten Waenerberg (gift directly from the artist).
Thereafter in the collections of consul Victor Hoving.
Subsequently in the collections of professor Werner Söderhjelm.
The collections of Mrs Sigrid Söderhjelm, Helsinki (around 1942).
Beijers Fall auction 1986, lot no 265.
Private collection (purchased at the above sale by the present owner).


Ateneum, Helsinki, "Realismi / Realismen", 1962, cat no 44.


Ord & Bild, 1935, sid 261.
Bertel Hintze, "Albert Edelfelt, Del I, 1854-1888", 1942, mentioned page 107 and illustrated full page, page 105 (under the title "Ung dam i grått").
Bertel Hintze, "Albert Edelfelt, Del III, Oljemålningar, pasteller, akvareller, grafiska arbeten m.m. Beskrivande förteckning", 1942, catalogued as nr 106, page 29 (under the title "Ung dam i grått").


At the back of the painting it is written an authentification by Thorsten Waenerberg, curator and by Berta Edelfelt (the artist's sister). They explain that the signature is between the old and the new canvas and that it was painted in Paris approximately in 1880.

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