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Modern Autumn Sale, Stockholm 563


14Sven Westman, "Franskt landskap, St. Paul. AM." (Frensh landscape, St Paul AM).Rätt titel: "Franskt landskap, St. Paul. AM."
128Olle Bonniér, Untitled.Canvas laid down on panel.
179Salvador Dalí, "LE CABINET ANTROPOMORPHIQUE".Certifikat utfärdat av Jordi Pesarrodonda, Mibrosa, Barcelona, daterat 27 juli 2007, medförljer.
183Arthur Boyd, "Narcissus Reflected".No Droite de Suite (d)
202Victor Vasarely, "Ion - 11".Not signed and dated on verso. On etiquette verso, dated 1964.
212Theo Tobiasse, "Le festin de la Reine Esther".Mixed media on paper laid down on board.
234Marc Chagall, "Le coq sur Paris".Upper edge of sheet trimmed (circa 10 mm).
257Friedensreich Hundertwasser, "Look at it on a rainy day (The Regentag portfolio)".Time staining (not under the area covered by mat). Mounted with tape alongside upper edge of sheets on verso.
329A Josef Frank book case cabinet by Firma Svenskt Tenn.Three more shelfs, not in the picture.
349A Josef Frank armchair with ottoman by Svenskt Tenn model 336.Fabric from Designers Guild.
364A Josef Frank sofa by Svenskt Tenn, model 703.Två lösa kuddar medföljer.
391An Art Noveau bronze table lamp, by Böhlmarks.By Böhlmark.
411A palisander chest of drawers attributed to Oscar Nilsson, by Mobilia, Malmö, Sweden 1930's.Comes with two keys.
426A Peder Clason watercolour.Droite de Suite (d)
428An Ansgar Almqvist bronze sculpture of a putti, Herman Bergman Fud, Stockholm.Droite de Suite (d)
432A stool attributed to Otar Hökerberg in olive-green lacquered wood, Sweden 1920's,Ytan restaurerad/The surface restored.
459A set of two Ivar Ålenius Björk brass vases, Ystad Metall, 1930's.Designed by Ivar Ålenius Björk.
488A Georg Jensen set of 173 pcs of 'Lily of the Valley' flatware, Copenhagen 1920's -1977.Total 173 pcs.
517Wiwen Nilsson, A Wiwen Nilsson set of 84 pcs of flatware,12 table knives 12 table forks.
526A Prince Eugen hexagonal dish, executed by C.G Hallberg, Stockholm 1918.Droite de Suite (d)
538An Olle Ohlsson sterling hot-air balloon, with a figure of gold, Stockholm 1985,The correct titel."Andrées Aerial Journey".
547Wiwen Nilsson, A pair of Wiwen Nilsson sterling cuff-links, Lund 1940.Ändrat utrop 3500-4000/Change of Estimate 3500-4000sek.
548Wiwen Nilsson, A pair of Wiwen Nilsson sterling cuff-links, Lund 1963.Droite de Suite (d)
558Wiwen Nilsson, A Wiwen Nilsson 18k gold ring with a labradorite, Lund 1942.Droite de Suite (d)
567Kristian Nilsson, A Kristian Nilsson 18k gold, bone and lapis lazuli bangle, Stockholm, 1972.Graverade initialer vid gångjärnet/ Engraved initials at the hinge.
632A Kjell Engman glass sculpture, Kosta.Molded.
656A Gianni Versace glass vase, Venini Murano 1998.No Droite de Suite
708A Stig Lindberg faience dish, Gustavsberg Studio 1940's-50's.Droit de suite.
733A Erik and Ingrid Triller stoneware vase, Tobo.Droite de Suite (d)
735A Tyra Lundgren stoneware figure of a bird.Chip.
754A Josef Lorenzl creamware figure, Goldscheider, Wien.Also signed Lorenzel on the back of the base.
776CUSHIONS. one pair. "Knoppen". Gobelängteknik (tapestry weave). 34 x 47 cm each. Signed MMF.Droite de Suite (d)
785CARPET. "Snäckorna". Gobelängteknik (tapestry weave). 309 x 253 cm. Signed AB MMF end has an insignificant damage
792CARPET. "Park röd, Korsnäs". Gobelängteknik (tapestry weave). 284 x 224,5 cm. Signed AB MMF BN.Droite de Suite (d). One corner has a small damage
793CARPET. "Paula, gul". Gobelängteknik (tapestry weave). 323,5 x 277 cm. Signed AB MMF BN.Droite de Suite (d)
797RUG. Reliefflossa (knotted pile in relief). 220,5 x 114,5 cm. Woven by Viola Carlberg.220,5 x 114,5 cm.
799CARPET. Reliefflossa (knotted pile in relief). Signed Brita Grahn.Droite de Suite (d)
812CARPET. Rölakan (flat weave). Signed Brita Grahn.Droite de Suite (d)
820CARPET. "Timmerstockar". Rölakan (flat weave). 307,5 x 198 cm. Signed JJ (Judith Johansson).Droite de Suite (d)
832TAPESTRY. "Skutor, röd". Gobelängvariant (tapestry variant). 134 x 97 cm. Signed AB MMF insignificant damage
834TAPESTRY. "Agerande och åskådare". Gobelängvariant. 197 x 298,5 cm. Signed AB MMF KM.Droite de Suite (d)

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