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When it comes to buying art, antiques or design pieces, what you are looking for doesn't always fit within the fixed auction calendar or the items currently on the market. This is where Bukowskis Private Sales comes in. The service offers exclusive opportunities to gain professional help in finding what you are looking for – personally, flexibly and discreetly.

We also offer a range of exclusive items from existing sellers via Private Sales, public and non-public.

What pieces are available for sale via Bukowskis Private Sales?
To enquire about items for sale, or to enquire for items you would like to acquire, contact the Private Sales department for more information: +46 73–940 08 09 or

Who do I contact to buy via Private Sales?
Contact Bukowskis Specialists at Private Sales (below), for agreements on purchasing commissions: +46 73–940 08 09 or

Or contact our relevant specialist for the item you want to buy. See our specialists here >

How does Private Sales find the item I am looking for?
At Bukowskis we have unique insight into the market and work with a large international network of collectors and other interested parties. This gives us unique opportunities to localise a specific item for you.

How quickly can a deal be reached?
Our expertise and our network of contacts are effective tools in our search and we will do our utmost to find the item you are looking for as quickly as possible. How long it takes may vary depending on the type of item and the market for it.

I want to remain anonymous as a buyer – is this possible?
Only our staff at Bukowskis Private Sales need to know who you are as a buyer. The Private Sales service is personal and discreet and at Bukowskis we are particularly careful never to reveal who our sellers or buyers are if you would prefer to buy or sell completely privately.

How do the practicalities work?
As soon as the purchase is registered, our finance department will send you an invoice and suggested transport solutions. Payment may be made by bank transfer or by credit card. Our Private Sales team will guide you through the paperwork and transport solutions if desired to make your purchase run as smoothly as possible.

Maria Granström
Maria Granström
Acting Manager Valuation Desk, Malmö/ Private Sales
+46 (0)739 40 08 09
Carl Barkman
Carl Barkman
Head Specialist Fine Art and Antiques
+46 (0)708 92 19 71
Andreas Rydén
Andreas Rydén
Head Specialist, Art, Deputy Managing Director
+46 (0)728 58 71 39