9. HEUER, Autavia, "Jo Siffert", Mark 6, chronograph, wristwatch, 42 mm,

steel, automatic (microrotor), plastic glass, date, original bracelet, folding clasp (Gay Freres), ca 1972.

Caliber 12, Serial nr 223.795, Reference nr 1163 T, Case nr C 1812-3, Bracelet reference nr GF 1.71/HLD

Movement (7/10)
Dial and hands (8/10)
Case (6/10)
Original Bracelet (8/10)
Buckle (Folding clasp)
Certificate (No)
Box (No)
Overall Opinion (7/10)

Overhaul recommended, at buyer's expense

120 000 SEK / 12 461 EUR
110 000 SEK
On liian myöhäistä jättää ostomääräys.

Ostomääräyksen voi jättää kymmenen kohdetta ennen huudettavaa kohdetta.


Jo Siffert was one of Formula I’s best drivers in the late 60s and early 70s and also happened to be an Heuer enthusiast. He taught Steve McQueen his track secrets and was the very man who introduced McQueen to the Heuer brand. When McQueen was filming Le Mans, he insisted on imitating Siffert’s uniform down to the smallest details, including the prominent Heuer patch.
Jo Siffert was often seen wearing this special white Heuer Autavial and that's why the collectors have nick named this model after the legendary driver.