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OMEGA, Speedmaster, chronograph, "CB Case"

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Carl  Palmegren
Carl Palmegren
Head Specialist Watches
+46 (0)739 40 08 23
OMEGA, Speedmaster, chronograph, "CB Case"

Case size: 42 mm
Material: steel
Movement: manual, caliber 321
Year: circa 1967
Crystal: plastic crystal
Bracelet: original bracelet, folding clasp, ref. 1039-3.68/516
Reference number: ST 105.012
Serial number: 25.445.266
Case number: 105.012-66 (C.B)

Please keep in mind that an overhaul might be needed, since no service history is available.

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Sold by the first and only owner

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The CB cases differ in that there is a small line between the polishing planes on the lugs. All the case backs have a single step.