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Contemporary Art & Design 619

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1Piero Fornasetti, a set of 12 "Maschere Italiane" porcelain plates, Milan, Italy.Ei myyty
2Piero Fornasetti, a set of six "Piscibus" porcelain plates, Milano, Italy.16 000 SEK
3Piero Fornasetti, a pair of bookends, Milano, Italy 1960's.8 000 SEK
4Aldo Tura, a bar cabinet, Italy 1950-60's.40 000 SEK
5Aldo Tura, attributed to, a side table, Italy 1950-60's.16 000 SEK
6Piero Fornasetti, an umbrella stand, Milan, Italy.10 000 SEK
7A pair of 1940's easy chairs, probably for Berga Möbler, Sweden.70 000 SEK
8Falkenbergs belysning, model "7070", two floor lamps, Sweden 1960's.8 000 SEK
9Harry Bertoia, a "Diamond Chair Wide", for Knoll International, possibly on licence by Nordiska Kompaniet, 1950-60's.Ei myyty
10Olle Baertling, MATTO, "Yoy", handtufted, Baertling/Asplund, ca 201,5 x 99 cm.22 000 SEK
11Ib Kofod Larsen, a "FA-66" teak sideboard, for Faarup Møbelfabrik, Denmark 1950-60's.28 000 SEK
12John Kandell, six oak chairs for S:t Nicolai chapel, Helsingborg, Sweden 1956, probably executed by cabinetmaker David Sjölinder.Ei myyty
13Florence Knoll, an "Oval 96" table for Knoll International, post 1961.13 000 SEK
14Ettore Sottsass, a black glazed ceramic "Cubic vase model 585", Società Ceramica Toscanadi Figline, Italy, 1962.Ei myyty
15Bruno Mathsson, a beech daybed for Karl Mathsson, Sweden 1968.Ei myyty
16Sam Larsson, a "Fenix" chaise longue, Dux, Sweden 1960's.6 000 SEK
17Anders Pehrson, a "Bumling" table for Ateljé Lyktan, Sweden 1960-70's.15 000 SEK
18Hans-Agne Jakobsson, a ceiling lamp, model T606/95, Markaryd, Sweden 1960-70's.38 000 SEK
19Hans-Agne Jakobsson, a ceiling lamp, model T607, Markaryd, Sweden 1960-70's.15 000 SEK
20Olle Baertling, MATTO, "Erey", handtufted, Baertling/Asplund, ca 199 x 100,5 cm.26 000 SEK
21Henrik Thor-Larsen, an "Ovalia" easy chair, for Torlan AB, Sweden 1960-70's.42 000 SEK
22Erling Viksjø, a coffee table for A/S Conglo, Norway, 1960-70's.20 000 SEK
23Hans-Agne Jakobsson, an "Estrella" ceiling lamp, model T580/75, Markaryd, Sweden 1960-70's.Ei myyty
24Hans-Agne Jakobsson, an "Estrella" ceiling lamp, model T581/35, Markaryd, Sweden 1960-70's.18 000 SEK
25Joe Colombo, an "Elda" lounge chair, for Comfort, Italy 1960-70's.26 000 SEK
26Maria Boström, MATTO, "Sideways", a printed decor after a painting by Maria Boström for Moooi carpets 2018, ca 301,5 x 298 cm.17 000 SEK
27Charles & Ray Eames, "La Chaise", Vitra 2012.20 000 SEK
28Gino Sarfatti, a "2109/Le Sfere”, ceiling lamp for Flos, Italy.15 000 SEK
29Arne Norell, "Ari", a pair of white leather easy chairs and one ottoman for Norell Möbel AB, Sweden.40 000 SEK
30Achille Castiglioni, & Pier Giacomo, a pair of table lamps, "Taccia", for Flos, Italy 1960-70's.28 000 SEK
31Rolf Rickard Thies, a unique executive desk and chair, 1970's, made for the architect's private home.Ei myyty
32Paolo Venini, and Massimo Pistilli, a "Palotta" glass ceiling lamp, Venini, Italy 1960-70's.42 000 SEK
33Arne Norell, "Ari", a pair of white leather easy chairs for Norell Möbel AB.Ei myyty
34Robert & Trix Haussmann, a floor lamp for Swiss lamps international, 1970's.12 000 SEK
35Werther Toffolino & Piero Palange, a "Hoop" easy chair for Germa, Italy 1970's.Ei myyty
36Rolf Rickard Thies, a unique side table, Sweden 1970's, for the architect's private home.Ei myyty
37Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm, a "Bo 561", easy chair for Bo-Ex, Denmark 1960-70's.13 000 SEK
38Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm, a "Bo 561", easy chair for Bo-Ex, Denmark 1960-70's.9 000 SEK
39Robert Indiana, MATTO, "White on Black", Chosen Love, hand tufted in 1995, ca 302 x 305 cm, Robert Indiana.55 000 SEK
40Piero Fornasetti, a room divider, Milano, Italy 2013.50 000 SEK
41Angelo Mangiarotti, a Cararra marble "Eros" dining table for Skipper, Italy 1970-80´s.75 000 SEK
42Piero Fornasetti, a "Sole Raggiante" cube table/ cabinet, Milano, Italy 2008.19 000 SEK
43Nils Kölare, A WALL TEXTILE, a triptych, "TRE-SAM I", "TRE-SAM II" and "TRE-SAM III", Nils Kölare, Handarbetets Vänner, Stockholm,8 000 SEK
44Jonas Bohlin, a "Concrete" armchair, Källemo, Värnamo, Sweden 1981.185 000 SEK
45Johanna Lagercrantz, a green lacquered "Parad" cabinet for Lammhults Möbel AB, Sweden, executed in an edition of 55 examples, post 1989.26 000 SEK
46Ettore Sottsass, an "Quisisiana" ceiling lamp, Memphis, Italy post 1981.Ei myyty
47Ueli Berger, Eleanora Peduzzi-Riva och Heinz Ulrich, a "DS-600" "Non-Stop" sofa for De Sede, Switzerland, 1970's.65 000 SEK
48Angelo Mangiarotti, a carrara marble "Eros" sofa table for Skipper, Italy 1970-80's.34 000 SEK
49Nils Kölare, MATTO, "Kohlare - 1", handtufted, Nils Kölare/Asplund, ca 219,5 x 158,5 cm.18 000 SEK
50Jasper Morrison, a dining table and six birch laminate "Ply chairs / Open back" by Jasper Morrison, Vitra, 1988-89.16 000 SEK
51Gérard Rigot, a sculptural chair, France, signed and dated 1992.11 000 SEK
52Mats Theselius, an easy chair, "Järn/Moccafåtöljen", Källemo, Sweden post 1994.65 000 SEK
53Lars Englund, a "Skelder" ceiling lamp for Skelder AB, Sweden, post 1993-94.11 000 SEK
54Verner Panton, a set of 4 "Vilbert" chairs for IKEA 1993-94.14 000 SEK
55Borek Sipek, a "Principessa" ceiling lamp for Driade Italy, post 1995.16 000 SEK
56Mats Theselius, an easy chair, "Älgskinnsfåtöljen", Källemo, Sweden post 1991.55 000 SEK
57Mats Theselius, an easy chair, "Älgskinnsfåtöljen", Källemo, Sweden post 1991.60 000 SEK
58Frank Gehry, "Wiggle side chair & stool", Vitra, 21st century.14 000 SEK
59Gaetano Pesce, a "Broadway", chair, produced by Bernini, Italy, 1993.7 000 SEK
60Lindsey Adelman, a bronze ceiling lamp, "Branching Disc, BD.09.01", Studio Lindsey Adelman, Los Angeles, USA, 2006.105 000 SEK
61Jonas Lindvall, "Sacred box / Bookworm", a storage unit, unique for Fosieplast 2004-2008.11 000 SEK
62Karim Rashid, "Superblob", a chaise longue, for Edra, Italy post 2002.Ei myyty
63Hanna Hansdotter, HANNA HANSDOTTER,23 000 SEK
64Hanna Hansdotter, a "Clam print" glass sculpture, The Glass Factory, Boda Glasbruk, Sweden 2018.20 000 SEK
65Ulf Rollof, MATTO, "THE ART OF WAR SUN TZU", Kasthall, tufted around 2010, ca 388,5 x 394 cm.25 000 SEK
66Åsa Jungnelius, a unique sculpture "Lipstick", Myggdal, Denmark 2007.16 000 SEK
67Åsa Jungnelius, a mould blown silvered glass sculpture "Snippan", edition of 3 pieces, Konstfack Sweden 2004/2009.26 000 SEK
68Åsa Jungnelius, a unique sculpture, "Storstake", Myggdal Danmark 2004-2005.8 000 SEK
69Mats Theselius, a motorcycle "MC hommagé à royal enfield", 500 CC, for Källemo, Sweden post 2001, edition of 9 examples.90 000 SEK
70Sigurdur Gustafsson, a "Rock n Roll" stainless steel rocking chair, Källemo, Sweden, post 1999.10 000 SEK
71Mats Theselius, a "The Ritz" easy chair for Källemo, Sweden post 1994.28 000 SEK
73Ariadna & Nani Miquel & Marquina, MATTO, "Bicicleta Rug", handmade of recycled rubber, designed for Nanimarquina.6 000 SEK
74Peter Hermansson, a "Pollock" glass vase, Boda 2016.9 000 SEK
75Peter Hermansson, two "graal" glass sculptures, Boda, Sweden 2014.5 000 SEK
76Jonatan Nilsson, a unique "Concretely Happy", table/object, Studio Jonatan Nilsson, 2017.8 000 SEK
77Jonatan Nilsson, "Mirror lamp", a unique wall lamp, Studio Jonatan Nilsson, 2017.5 000 SEK
78C Göran Karlsson, MATTO, "Goran 4", handtufted, C Göran Karlsson/Asplund, ca 223 x 163 cm, signed CGK04.32 000 SEK
79Sigurdur Gustafsson, a "Copy and Paste", chair, for Källemo, Värnamo, post 2007, edition 66/99.13 000 SEK
80Mats Theselius, a pair of white stained ash "Theselius Trä" easy chairs for Källemo, Sweden 21st century.34 000 SEK
81Åsa Bengtsson, A TAPESTRY, "Möte i parken", flat weave, ca 159 x 152 cm, signed HV MF ÅB.7 000 SEK
82Johan Linton, a"Caravaggio" easy chair for Källemo, 1998-2002.15 000 SEK
83Joakim Ojanen, a stoneware object/vase, in an edition of 10 examples for Artlover Magazine 2017.9 000 SEK
84Mats Theselius, an "El Dorado" easy chair for Källemo, Sweden, post 2002.75 000 SEK
85Sigurdur Gustafsson, a plexiglass and plywood "A-EKI" chair for Källemo, nr 9 in an edition of 19 examples, Sweden post 2016.42 000 SEK
86Fredrik Mattson, "TBC (The Black Chair Collection)" a chair, executed in a limited edition, nr 19/22 for Blå Station, Sweden 2008.16 000 SEK
87Norman Parkinson, "After Van Dongen", 1959.Ei myyty
88Christer Strömholm, "Pigalle, Paris", 1955.28 000 SEK
89Dawid (Björn Dawidsson), "1993", 1993.30 000 SEK
90Helena Blomqvist, "Midwinter’s Day", 2011.30 000 SEK
91Helena Blomqvist, "Orchard Ground", 2011.Ei myyty
92Cecilia Ömalm, "Malmaison, #6 (Hunting Pavillion)", 2007.Ei myyty
93Charlotte Gyllenhammar, "Hang V", 2006.141 000 SEK
94Denise Grünstein, DENISE GRÜNSTEIN, photograph signed Denise Grünstein and dated 1999 on verso.Ei myyty
95Denise Grünstein, "Dear Prudence 3", 2008.28 000 SEK
96Albert Watson, "Uma Thurman, New York City, 1993".50 000 SEK
97Andreas Kock, "Stalker II", 2010.85 000 SEK
98Mats Bäcker, "Keith Richards, Ullevi 82", 1982.Ei myyty
99"SUMO", 1999.Ei myyty
100Jacob Felländer, "The 57th Street Plan", 2013.120 000 SEK