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Modern Art + Design 632


21Edvin Öhrström, a cast glass sculpture, Lindshammar, Sweden 1960's, ed. 2/5.Crack and small hit mark.
32Alvar Aalto, a "Savoy/3030" dark green glass vase, Iittala Glassworks, Finland ca.The vase is executed and signed at Iittala, 1950's.
90Anders Bruno Liljefors, two stoneware vases, Gustavsberg studio, Sweden ca 1949-50.Den gula med glasyrsprickor/ the yellow with glaze cracks.
254Sigvard Bernadotte, matto, flat weave, ca 512-515 x 247-253 cm, signed SB.Minor repairs.
305Thonet Mundus AG, a model B 313, stool, Vienna, ca 1929.Not designed by Josef Frank.
331Bruno Mathsson, a rare easy chair for Firma Karl Mathsson, Värnamo, Sweden 1940's.Fotändan lagad. Ett hjul med lagning/The end-part towards the feet is repaired. One wheel with repair
358Josef Frank, a model 2168 walnut and black marble top sofa table, Svenskt Tenn, probably 1950's.Stenskivan med nagg/ the marble top with chips.
438Gio Ponti, & Piero Fornasetti, a unique cabinet, executed for the MS Guilio Cesare, Italy ca 1951.A printed and signed certificate by Salvatore Licitra at the Gio Ponti Archives is included with the lot.
443Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, The pencil.Uniqe.
471Gerhard Nordström, "A picnic in the park".The correct title is "En utflykt i det gröna". A gift from the artist to Jan Torsten Ahlstrand in 1998. Probably executed in the 1980's or 90's. A similar motif is included in the collection of Moderna Museet, Stockholm.
521Mark Tobey, "Dance Macabre".Werner R. Knöll, Basel not on the provenance list.
525Roberto Matta, "Cri de fleche".Executed 1959-62.
528Lynn Chadwick, ”Walking couple II”.Correct reference to the catalogue raisonné is 693.
542Elsa Thoresen, Tång.Litet färgbortfall i nedre vänstra delen.
601Arman (Armand Pierre Fernandez), Blue and Silver”.Wrong archive number in the printed catalogue, correct is 8.451. Certificate included.
615Erik Olson, ”Carré Rouge".The lot in question was probably NOT exhibited in the Art Concret Exhibition at Café Puck during the Stockholm Exhibition, 19 August - 29 September 1930. The lot in question is probably NOT illustrated in the interior photo from the Art Concret Exhibition that is reproduced in Anders Wahlgren, "Otto G Carlsund", Carlssons förlag 2021, p. 199. The depicted painting is probably the smaller version: "Carré Rogue (Röd kvadrat)", ca 25 x 30 cm, in the collections of Halmstads Konstmuseum, Sweden.
641Isaac Grünewald, Nature Morte.Provenance: Director Harald Eugen Rosenberg Thence by descent to present owner
674Knut Lundström, "Music abstraction".Executed 1920-30.
693Roberto Matta, Untitled.Executed between 1970-75. A certificate of authenticity executed by Alisée Matta, Archives de l'oeuvre de Matta is included with the lot.
708Roberto Matta, "Pomme de Mer".Executed 1968.
762David Hockney, "Pool Made with Paper and Blue Ink for Book".Please note that framed print is sold without the book.
780APablo Picasso, "Jeux de pages".Please note, wrong catalogue text in the printed catalogue. Correct information in the online catalogue.
788Serge Poliakoff, "Composition bleue et verte".Import VAT will be charged on the hammer price on this lot.
791Pat Steir, Portfolio "Drawing lesson Part I - Line".Correct estimate: 40.000 - 60.000 SEK.

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