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Important Winter Sale 637


184A Danish 17th century silver tankard, later marks of Jons Holmberg, Angelholm 1762.Earlier incorrectly cataloged as later marks by Jöns Holmgren, correct is by Jöns Holmberg.
258A carriage cushion, double-interlocked tapestry, ca 106 x 44 cm, Scania, Sweden, 1807, probably Skytts district.probably Skytts district.
273Matto, antique Anatolian/Caucasian, ca 148-149 x 104,5-110 cm (as well as 1-1,5 cm flat weave at one end).Anatolian/Caucasian
282Matto, antique Heriz/Bakshaish, ca 633-645 x 321-328,5 cm.Probably a Bakshaish
321Matto, an antique/a semi-antique Yezd, ca 557-562 x 366,5-370,5 cm.The width is: 366,5-370,5 cm.
591Jenny Nyström, "Jullöpare".According to note verso entitled "Jullöpare" and executed in 1946.
607Martin Mijtens d.ä Attributed to, "Prins Georg of Danmark and Norway" (1653-1708).Attributed to Martin Meytens the older (1648-1736).
613AAnders Zorn, "Söndagsmorgon" (Sunday morning).Addition to exhibition history: Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus, Lübeck, January 15 - April 15, 2012, "Anders Zorn - Der schwedische Impressionist", (under the title "Sonntagmorgen") cat. no 70 (illustrated full page in the catalogue p. 35 and p.164, essay p. 40 f.)
735Unknown artist 18th century. Birds (4).Unexamined out of frame.
787French school, early 19th Century, probably depicting Jenny Lind (1820-1887).Probably depicting Jenny Lind as Marie in Donizettis "The Daughter of the Regiment".

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613AAnders Zorn, "Söndagsmorgon" (Sunday morning).
755Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 'Paysage'.