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Ulysse Nardin, Freak, 28'800 V/H, "Carrousel Tourbillon", ca 2008.

170 000 - 190 000 SEK
15 200 - 17 000 EUR
16 100 - 18 000 USD
165 000 SEK
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Simon Naeslund
Simon Naeslund
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Ulysse Nardin, Freak, 28'800 V/H, "Carrousel Tourbillon", ca 2008.

Case size: 44,5 mm
Material: 18K white gold
Movement: manual, caliber UN-200
Year: circa 2008
Crystal: sapphire crystal
Bracelet: leather strap, folding clasp in 18K white gold
Reference number: 020-88
Serial number: 120
Accompanied by: "Extrait d' Archives", box, outer box

Wear due to age and use. One ding on the upper right lug.

The movement is running at the time of cataloguing, Bukowskis does not guarantee the future function of the movement. Please note that the movement has not been tested for timekeeping accuracy and may need a service at the buyer's expense. Watches have been opened to examine movements therefore no warranties are made that the watches are water-resistant. Potential buyers should inspect each watch to satisfy themselves as to condition. For more information, please read our Conditions of Purchase.

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In a departure from traditional watch design, the Freak by Ulysse Nardin boldly eschews conventional hands to convey the time through the mesmerizing rotation of its movement. The hour is ingeniously indicated by the arrow embellishing the main spring barrel, while the upper bridge, housing the revolutionary Dual Ulysse Escapement and the balance wheel assembly, completes a full revolution every hour to signify the minutes. Throughout this captivating 60-minute rotation, the upper bridge unveils the intricate mechanics that govern time.

A distinguishing feature of the Freak lies in the central axis, which pivots within the sapphire crystal of the watch case. Unlike typical Tourbillons where the balance wheel assembly moves within a cage every minute, in the Freak, the entire movement, including the balance wheel assembly, rotates once an hour within the confines of the watch case.

Setting the timepiece is an intuitive experience, accomplished by rotating the top bezel. A lever positioned at the 6 o'clock mark between the lugs facilitates the locking and unlocking of the bezel. Winding the watch is a tactile process, achieved by turning the case back counter-clockwise.

Ulysse Nardin's commitment to innovation finds a remarkable embodiment in the Freak, a timepiece that stands as a testament to their enduring pursuit of pushing boundaries in watchmaking. Undoubtedly, the Freak stands out as one of the most distinctive and avant-garde timepieces to be introduced in decades.

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