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Tudor, Submariner, "MK5 Dial", ca 1967.

50 000 - 70 000 SEK
4 400 - 6 160 EUR
4 650 - 6 510 USD
65 000 SEK
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Simon Naeslund
Simon Naeslund
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Tudor, Submariner, "MK5 Dial", ca 1967.

Case size: 39 mm
Material: steel
Movement: automatic, caliber 390
Year: circa 1967
Crystal: plastic crystal
Bracelet: leather strap
Reference number: 7928
Serial number: 507'778
Case number: 7928 / II.67

Case with scratches/dents. Minor damaged dial.

The movement is running at the time of cataloguing, Bukowskis does not guarantee the future function of the movement. Please note that the movement has not been tested for timekeeping accuracy and may need a service at the buyer's expense. Watches have been opened to examine movements therefore no warranties are made that the watches are water-resistant. Potential buyers should inspect each watch to satisfy themselves as to condition. For more information, please read our Conditions of Purchase.

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In 1954, the Tudor Submariner made its debut alongside its renowned counterpart, the Rolex Submariner, in the rapidly expanding dive watch market. Crafted with a case and bracelet by Rolex, the Tudor Submariner swiftly gained favor among divers and adventurers alike, bolstering its credibility. Throughout its history, numerous experiments were undertaken to pinpoint the essential traits of the perfect diver's timepiece. Each iteration within the 7900 series bore unique nuances that, whether preserved or not in subsequent models, contributed to its enduring legacy. It was with the introduction of the latest variation, the reference 7928 distinguished by its rounded crown guards - the first Tudor Submariner with crown guards.

As 2024 unfolds, whispers of the Tudor Submariner's potential comeback coincide with the model's 70th anniversary.