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A blue and white censer, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).

30 000 - 50 000 SEK
2 650 - 4 420 EUR
2 820 - 4 700 USD
44 000 SEK
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Cecilia Nordström
Cecilia Nordström
Johtava asiantuntija – itämainen keramiikka & taidekäsityö, eurooppalainen keramiikka ja lasi
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A blue and white censer, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).

Raised on a short foot, the bombé body depicting a continuous river landscape with a fisherman seated on a rocky shore, surrounded by mountains in a tree-strewn landscape, a cloud and emblems pattern band to the waisted neck. Diameter 21.8 cm. Height 14.2 cm.

Alkuperä - Provenienssi

Property of a private Finnish Collection.

The collection was formed between 1980-2020, the collector has had an interest in China and Chinese Works of Art since childhood, growing up in Beijing. He returned to China in grownup years for work, he came to live in China altogether more than 40 years. His love of China, and Chinese works of art is mirrored in the collection and being an academic collector, he never got tired of learning more about the subject by studying literature, attending lectures, visiting museums, auction houses and befriending curators from Peking, Hong Kong, London, Paris, and Stockholm. The collection consists of both Chinese ceramics and textiles, This being part 1.

Purchased at Bukowskis Sale 548. lot no 1793.


Compare with a similar sold at Bonhams, Asian Art, 30 October 2023, London, Knightsbridge. Lot 108.

Compare with a similar sold at Chrisites, 20–28 march 2018, Sale 16255. The Art of China: London, Spring Edition. Lot 200.

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