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En bortglömd konkretist

John-Erik Göransson was a painter and sculptor, a long-forgotten concrete artist who constantly had new ideas and wanted to push his projects to the extreme. Göransson believed that one could "alter shapes and color combinations endlessly."

The artists Victor Vasarely and Olle Baertling were his primary influences, and Göransson painted abstractly like them, with an intense palette and geometric forms. Göransson was a recluse who deliberately avoided the public eye; as a result, despite significant interest, he only exhibited his work on rare occasions in galleries in Stockholm. However, he showcased his works in a substantial exhibition at Botkyrka Konsthall in 2000. Afterward, he withdrew entirely and kept all his paintings in his studio. Until his death, very few of his works were on the market, which made him a legendary figure in Swedish art history.