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Lennart Johanssons collection of sportmemorabilia

Bukowskis has the great honour of selling Lennart Johansson's collection of sports memorabilia. Lennart Johansson (1929–2019) grew up in Åkeshov. As a child he used to ride his bike from home to the Råsunda Football stadium and watch AIK with his older brothers. He also played football in a local club in Åkeshov. In 1984 he became a chairman of the board at Tipstjänst and Operakällaren. He also was chairman for AIK football club 1967–1980. Between 1985–1990 he became chairman of the Swedish Football Association and in 1990 Johansson was elected chairman of Uefa where he held an important role up until 2007. Among other things, he was the driving force behind creating the UEFA Champions League, together with the secretary general Gerhard Aigner.