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Björn Springfeldt's Art Library

Björn Springfeldt began his career studying art history and theoretical philosophy in Lund before he began working at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm in 1968, where he remained for over twenty years. 1986 - 1989 he was director of Malmö Konsthall before he took over as director of the Moderna Museet in Stockholm until 1994. As museum director, he had exhibitions with Per Kirkeby, Lee Jaffe, Kiki Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe and Bill Viola, among others. The last exhibition in the museum's old premises was an extensive exhibition with the German painter Gerhard Richter.
Björn was appointed cultural counsellor at the Swedish embassy in Germany in 1995, which was then located in Bonn and later in Berlin, where he stayed for five years. "- I would have liked to have stayed in Berlin. There are some of the best musicians, artists, and series creators. The city has a wonderful raw energy, he says. " (NVP October 9, 2006) Björn Springfeldt is known for his great commitment to art and he has been involved in many different projects to spread knowledge about and support art in various ways. “Art has been involved and taught him that most things benefit from being turned upside down. " Before I came to the Museum of Modern Art, art for me was a painting on a wall. Then I enter this room where the art is on the floor. It was a goat with a car tire around its belly. At that moment, he got a total shock of joy that the human imagination is so great. " (NVP 9 October 2006).
Bukowskis has been given the great confidence to sell Björn Springfeldt's private extensive library of art literature that both reflect his specific interest in certain art forms up to the present, but which also extends to art history and art theory.
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