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A Scanian home

So what is a Scanian home? It’s as simple as a home located in Skåne (in the south of Sweden). This particular Scanian home, which Bukowskis have been entrusted to sell, is a home that was formed after many years with a great interest in art and beautiful objects. The home was created by a couple during the 20th century, and then later managed by their daughter. All purchases are made with care, and with quality as a focal point. The collection includes, among other things, Chagall's prints, contemporary furniture in teak, beautiful Chinese blue-white porcelain and silver. You can almost see in front of you the celebratory dinners given in the candlelight, hear the lively conversations, where they might have just discussed the motifs on Chagall's prints that hang on the walls in the dining room.

Now is the time for these objects to be a part of someone else's home. Find your new favourites in this theme auction.
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