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Bertram Schmiterlöw – colorist between light and shadow

Bertram Schmiterlöw’s (1920–2002) artistic work includes accomplished portraits, expressive depictions of figures and landscape paintings of the various places that he called home over the years.

As the son of a Swedish military officer and French-born Norwegian diplomat’s daughter, Bertram Schmiterlöw was raised and lived in several different countries. In the mid-1940s he moved with his mother and younger brother to one of Argentina’s oldest cities – San Salvador de Jujuy. A place that would become important to him and a recurring theme in his work. His paintings frequently depict people in everyday settings, but also feature contemplative themes from urban or natural scenes in which Schmiterlöw allows the interplay between light and shade to dominate the image. This auction contains approximately 35 works, mainly oil paintings, some watercolours and a plaster bust.

1974 – Bertram Schmiterlöw is awarded the Order of Vasa for his significant artistic achievements.
2000–2001 – a major standalone exhibition ‘From My Two Worlds’ at Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde, Stockholm.
2002 – awarded the Order of the Liberator General San Martín, Argentina’s highest accolade.
2002 – SVT documentary by Tom Alandh about the brothers and artists Christer and Bertram Schmiterlöw.
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