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Carl Larsson – Drawings and Watercolours F283

In the summer of 1881, Carl Larsson had returned from Paris to Sweden to work on illustrations for August Strindberg's book 'Svenska folket i helg och socken'. The author and the artist were close friends at the time and Carl Larsson would spend the whole summer with the Strindbergs on Kymmendö in the Stockholm archipelago. In the summer of 1881, Greta Strindberg was born, daughter of August Strindberg and Siri von Essen. For Greta's christening on Kymmendö, Carl Larsson created an invitation card with portraits of August and Siri with Greta, some of the guests including a caricature of the artist himself. The card was sent around to invited guests on the island who in turn noted, on the card, whether they could come or not. This theme auction of illustrations and drawings by Carl Larsson includes the original invitation card, as well as works on paper from the 1880s and 1890s.