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A post-conceptual art collection from the 1990s F301

The art collector of this post-conceptual collection often travelled to the United States during his business trips in the 1990’s. During his trips, he frequented the most trendy and prominent art galleries, and bought works by mostly young American artists from Tony Shafrazi Gallery, from the legendary Collins & Milazzo and Robert Elkon Gallery to name a few.

Tricia Collins and Richard Milazzo founded the art magazine ”Effects: Magazine for New Art Theory” (1983-1986) and started to curate exhibitions for a new generation of artists during the 1980’s. Collins & Milazzo articulated the term “post-conceptual”, which was an antipole to the Neo-expressionism which dominated during this time and included artists like Donald Baechler and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Included in this theme auction are pieces by Ford Beckman, Michael Scott, Donna Moylan, Steve di Benedetto and Francois Arnal among others.
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