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Post-War Design F402

Bukowskis is here offering a curated selection of design objects from the 1950s onwards. The emphasis is on furniture, but the range also includes lighting, ceramics and glass. Characteristics are clean lines, the interplay between form and function and the use of natural materials, steel and currently new materials such as fibreglass and plastic.

The years after WWII major changes followed, not least in the design industry. For many people, lifestyle became more relaxed, which increased the demand for functional and comfortable furniture. Several designers from Scandinavia, the USA and Italy led the development.

The Danish pioneering architect Hans J. Wegner is here represented with the popular "Wishbone chair" and the slightly more unusual "Valet Chair". The model was designed in 1953 and has a different function, where the seat can be angled up and thereby function as a gentlemen's valet stand. The auction also includes Bruno Mathsson's "Pernilla", an excellent example of how the furniture industry responded to the demand for comfortable furniture in natural materials. Another example is Charles and Ray Eames' iconic "Lounge Chair & Ottoman", here executed in walnut and black leather. Read more

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