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Inge Schiöler F470

Inge Schioler's life and painting are strongly integrated. He grew up in Strömstad, studied at Slöjdskolan and at the age of 18 was accepted as a student at Valand in Gothenburg, where he studied under Tor Bjurström. He travelled to France and Spain where he met fellow artists such as Erling Ärlingsson, Karin Parrow and Ragnvald Magnusson.

In 1931 he moved to Stockholm under the patronage of Gösta Olson at Svensk Franska konstgalleriet. He rented a studio space on Urvädersgränd in Stockholm and met artists such as Albin Amelin, Sven Erixon, Otte Sköld, Hilding Linnqvist, Gideon Börje and Bror Hjorth. However, his stay in Stockholm was interrupted by Inge Schioler's increasing mental illness, and in March 1933 his family arranged for him to return to Strömstad.

Here he was given a studio in the city hall. But the young artist's mental health deteriorated and in October 1933 he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He was hospitalised until 1960. For long periods he was completely apathetic and inactive, and when he did start painting again, it was on a small scale. During this period, however, his work was shown at various exhibitions and became well recognised. Read more

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