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John Bauer

(Ruotsi, 1882-1918)
John Bauer
(Ruotsi, 1882-1918)

John Bauer,

Published by Ernst Bauers förlag, Gothenburg 1915 with a foreword by Carl Larsson,
Contents include:
"Christmas Eve",
"-Good evening, uncle, said the boy!",
"-Here you have all that remains of my clothes!",
"Two Suitors",
"The Little Princess and the Troll",
"The Troll Horse",
"-Such a miserable little pale-face! said the troll",
"The Princess and the Little Trolls",
"The Trolls' Stepdaughter".
Each 14x10 cm, monogram signed in the print.

Bound in a later cover. Folder with minor stains. Folder with repaired paper loss.

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Lars Berquist, author

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Lars Bergquist, born 6 June 1930, died 25 September 2022 in Turku, was a Swedish author and diplomat.

Bergquist served as ambassador in Beijing (1982–1988) and at the Holy See (1988–1993). He was a senior member of the Småland Academy and an honorary doctor at Linköping University. Bergquist was the son of the governor and Minister of Justice Thorwald Bergquist and brother to the ambassador Mats Bergquist and the author and lecturer Olle Bergquist. Since the 1980s, Bergquist primarily devoted his writing to Emanuel Swedenborg. He also translated classical Chinese poetry into Swedish.


John Bauer was born in 1882 and was a Swedish artist, primarily renowned for his paintings and illustrations in the early editions of the fairy tale collection "Bland tomtar och troll”. Thanks to his magical illustrations of princesses, trolls, and giants, Bauer has significantly influenced our perception of creatures and mythical figures in traditional Swedish stories and Nordic folklore.
Bauer grew up in Jönköping, and a large part of his artistry was inspired by the mystical forests of Småland, where trolls and other beings seemed to emerge from the rocky outcrops. During his years of study, he was fascinated by early German and Italian painting but soon returned to the Swedish fairytale forest. At the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, he met his future wife, Esther Ellqvist, who often posed as a model and served as inspiration for the princess Tuvstarr in Bauer's works.
Most of Bauer's paintings are created using watercolors, although he has also produced some using oil. By the 1910s, thanks to his fairy tale paintings, Bauer was already an established and beloved artist when he chose to conclude his role as a fairy tale illustrator. In his final years, he explored other imaginative expressions that would shape Bauer's last works, such as "The Dancing Nymphs" and "Blue Eva". John Bauer's final significant painting was created for the auditorium at Karlskrona Girls' School in 1917, an oil painting depicting the goddess Freja, with his wife Esther as a model.
The entire Bauer-Ellqvist family died in a boat accident when the steamer Per Brahe sank during an autumn storm on Vättern on November 20, 1918.

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