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Carl Johan De Geer 'Tårtan' F515

Bukowskis presents a themed auction featuring a collection of photographs from the filming of Carl Johan De Geer and Håkan Alexandersson's acclaimed TV series "Tårtan" (The Cake).

"Tårtan" is a Swedish children's program from 1972, produced as a TV series. It was created by Carl Johan De Geer and Håkan Alexandersson and consists of 14 episodes. The premiere took place on June 17, 1973.

The story revolves around three brothers - Frasse, Janos, and Hilding - who leave their seafaring lives and, by chance, become owners of a bakery. When they visit Ellen's bakery to buy something delicious, they discover that the owner, tired of her work, is giving the entire store to the three sailors. Overjoyed to finally be able to come ashore for real, they face a challenge as none of them have any knowledge of baking. Luckily, Ellen has left behind the recipe for her most delicious cake.

Initially, the series was not met with success. Many considered it a failure and it received criticism upon its first airing. However, when the series was rerun in the 1980s, it suddenly became popular and achieved cult status.