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Löwenadler Collection H059


1A Swedish Baroque mirror by Burchardt Precht (active in Stockholm 1674-1738).The two big middle mirror glasses later. Two cracks in the frame, the crown lacks two décor parts, a feston slightly bent. Minor décor missing.
36Herman Lipot, Landscape.Artist: Herman Lipot.
60Michael Zwack, Untitled.Mixed media on paper laid down on canvas
61Keith Haring, Untitled (Triptych).Certificates of authenticity from Estate of Keith Haring, id no. 120795A1, 120795A2, 120795A3 comes with this lot.
120A terracotta sculpture of a young man, probably, 3rd Century B.C, Etruscan.B.C. not A.D.
147A dining table by Per Öberg Architects, late 20th century dinner table.Design by by Per Öberg Architects.
169A 18th century silver gilt snuff-box, unmarked. And a enameled snuff-box with the Duomo, Firenze, modern make.The motif on the pill box is nor St. Pauls Cathedral but the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence.

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