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Sivert Oldenvi Collection H066

Sivert Oldenvi Collection

Bukowskis presents the Sivert Oldenvi Collection, a private assortment comprising contemporary Swedish and international art and glass craftsmanship.

For Sivert Oldenvi, art was a significant part of life, and somewhat discreetly, he became a collector of substantial magnitude, so dedicated that he erected his private art gallery adjacent to his villa. In this personally designed and thoughtfully conceived building, Sivert annually invited a select few art enthusiasts to partake in his extensive collection with various artist focuses. Read more about Sivert Oldenvi.

Central to the collection was Swedish painting; the catalogue comprises 159 paintings and 62 glass objects. Among the highlights, one can mention the painting "Vino Tinto Gänget" by Peter Dahl, "Dansen" by Lena Cronqvist, as well as several works by Ulrik Samuelsson and Per Kirkeby.

Viewing and auction

Auction Live September 20
Viewing September 15 – 19, Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm
Opening Hours weekdays 11am – 18pm, Saturday 11am – 16pm

September 20 from 2 PM CEST Number
Glass 1 – 62
Art 63 – 222
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5.000.000 – 10.000.000 100.000 SEK
10.000.000 + 250.000 SEK

Payment must be made within 8 working days of the end of the auction. Payments for items purchased by private individuals with an address in Sweden, Finland, Germany or Austria for total amounts of up to SEK 300.000 are made via Klarna’s payment service. Payment options, e.g. card payments or invoice, are shown on the payment page. Payments are made via bukowskis.com under ”My pages”. Payments for commercial customers and for private individuals for total amounts exceeding SEK 300.000 will be invoiced by Bukowski Auktioner AB. You will find your invoice at ”My pages” at bukowskis.com. Payment may also be made at the auction itself at Bukowskis’ premises at Berzelii Park. Please note that payments cannot be made in cash.


We welcome you to pay and collect your item Wednesday September 20th at Bukowskis, Arsenalsgatan 2, Stockholm.
No pickup is available between September 21st – September 24th.

From Monday September 25th we welcome you to collect your item at Bukowskis, Västberga Allé 3, Stockholm.

As from Monday October 2nd a storage fee of 50 SEK per item and day will be charged for uncollected items. Full payment must be received before your lot can be collected.

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If you have won a bid in one of Bukowskis’s auctions, you can easily book delivery online on ”My pages” after you have paid for your item. You can also contact us at specialdelivery@bukowskis.com if you need help finding the best transport solution for you.

A guide for buyers – How to bid

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Auction highlights
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