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Kaj Franck

(Suomi, 1911-1989)
Kaj Franck
(Suomi, 1911-1989)

Kaj Franck, vases, 2 pcs, glass, Iittala, Finland

Signed K Franck Iittala. Clear glass with a decoration of enclosed air bubbles. Height 7-8 cm.

Minor wear, minor scratches on the underside.


Kaj Franck was a Finnish ceramist, designer, and glass artist, born in Vyborg in 1911. He graduated as an interior architect in 1932 from the Central School of Applied Arts in Helsinki and worked for much of his career at the porcelain factory Arabia. He also taught at the School of Art and Design and was granted the title of professor in 1972. Franck was a timeless functionalist who often experimented with playful elements in his designs. Soft, clean lines were frequently combined with strong colors and beautiful details.
Franck held strong beliefs in equality and sustainability, values that underpinned his revolutionary design. He sought a balance between function and elegance, resulting in versatile and practical tableware that could be mass-produced and sold at reasonable prices. In 1952, the groundbreaking collection "Teema" was launched, embodying his vision and setting a new standard for tableware. Beyond social consciousness, Franck's career was marked by a pursuit of the essential. He endlessly studied basic forms, particularly focusing on proportions.
Kaj Franck is one of the most renowned post-war designers in Finland and has received significant international recognition and awards for his designs. Design Forum Finland annually awards a prestigious prize in Franck's name to support designers who creatively shape high-quality industrial design.

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