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Inspired by Dusty Deco's owners homes – from Stockholm to Mallorca

Ten years ago, Edin Memic Kjellvertz and Lina Kjellvertz started one of the most stylish and eclectic vintage stores in Stockholm that attracted buyers from all over the world; Dusty Deco. The journey began on a small scale and, in addition to their regular jobs in fashion, the couple began to visit flea markets and buy home everything from furniture to decorative objects to their then apartment. Their home and the attic were quickly filled, and that's when Edin and Lina decided on the motto "one thing in, one thing out". Soon they realized that there was a market to sell vintage items secondhand.

To begin the journey and create a business from their hobby, step one was to "brainstorm" a plan for their thought-out flea bargains. The couple borrow some friends' house in Barcelona and Edin and Lina gathered inspiration in the Catalan city. "It was a couple of evenings in the garden with too much wine, but then the idea of ​​what we wanted to do grew, and at the same time as Dusty Springfield sang 'Son of A Preacher' we decided we would call the boutique Dusty Deco" , says Edin about how the name of the store came up.

The first purchase trip went to the US and the focus was on finding industrial items such as rusty cans and old signs that would be sold in their first store at Gärdet in Stockholm. Subsequently, the style of Dusty Deco has been gradually developed, resulting in two stores in Söder, a smaller store in Östermalm and finally the pair opened the doors in an old 600 square meter garage on Brahegatan 21. Here they carefully curated selected design classics, furniture with a visual expression and contemporary art.

“We have made purchases all over the world, met incredibly exciting people at different flea markets and squares, the journey and the meetings have always motivated us and made us grow. The trip has been fantastic and we have never given up on our basic idea of ​​just buying things we love and would like to have in our home. The stores have always been an extension of how we would like it at home. Unfortunately, the homes have sometimes become a little suffering and it has happened, or quite a few times that things have been sold that have been in the home and Lina has more than once come home and wondered where the dining table is… The luxury of doing what we have done is that there has always been an opportunity to exchange and try out.”

Side by side with Dusty Deco, the couple has also worked on interior design jobs where customers are demanding everything from buying specific items to total solutions. At the turn of the year, Edin and Lina closed down store to focus on self-produced furniture and carpets that will be launched at the Nordiska Galleriet in February 2020.

In addition to running Dusty Deco, Edin and Lina have been in a constant shift as they are passionate about buying and renovating and seeing things take shape and grow. Each home they have lived in has therefore been unique and the decor has always been different in the different homes. However, there are a few objects that have been sacred to the couple, such as some artworks of art and a couple of furniture, but besides that they have allowed the interiors to grow organically. For each new home they have seen a new approach, new inspirations and new ways of thinking. The dream is to be able to constantly change up and the surplus that has been added has been invested in the company or new exciting projects.

Now the family lives on the Spanish island of Mallorca where they bought an old carpentry in Palma three years ago. At that time there was neither electricity nor water but they saw great potential as the premises had beautiful windows and a lush garden where they eventually intend to build a pool in (once the building permit has passed). Above all, the spouses saw great opportunities to create something magical - so they simply resorted to broken-down carpentry. The family has been living in Mallorca for 1.5 years and rents a hippie-inspired house that they absolutely love, where they themselves and the children enjoy the comfortable life on the island.

Right now, Bukowskis is auctioning off a number of furniture and decorative decor items from Dusty Deco in a curated theme auction that runs until Sunday, January 19.

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Bohemian influences at Mallorca

Photograph: Jonas Ingerstedt
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Bistro inspired and luxury vintage at Fryxellsgatan

Photograph: Klas Sjöberg
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Shades of grey at Surbrunnsgatan

Photograph: Henrik Nero
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